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Power your business with Tendencys Innovations

Manage your products, manage your inventory, package and ship your products anywhere.

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More than 20,000
companies trust in us

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The omnichannel solution
for any ecommerce

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Generates local, domestic and international shipments with operations in more than 10 countries.

More than 100 integrated carriers

Multi package shipments

Improve your customer's post-purchase experience through a personalized tracking page.

Integrate your ecommerce and manage all your orders from one place

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We receive your inventory, store your products, process your orders and ship to your customers.

Order processing in less than 24 hours

Operations in 5 countries

Packaging customization

Real-time inventory tracking

Table of the Fulfillment platform where you can manage the inventory of your products.

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Manage your warehouse with our cloud-based management system and eliminate the margin of error in all your logistics operations.

International logistics network of more than 150,000 ecommerce stores.

Automates and facilitates for 1PLs and 3PLs

Multi-warehouse system

Image of the WMS platform where you can start managing the inventory of different warehouses.

We develop logistics and Ecommerce solutions for you to manage your business.

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The safest and easiest online payment processor. Manage all your ecommerce transactions securely.

Create your payment links

Process your payments from anywhere in the world

Generates invoices

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The full truckload (FTL) solution, direct shipments from anywhere in Mexico to any city in the United States.

Guaranteed tracking 24/14

Door-to-door delivery

Double operator

53-foot dry box

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We provide you with packaging and supplies to ship your products, from envelopes to customized boxes.

Shipments to any part of the world

Packaging customization

Competitive pricing

Preferential wholesale pricing

We are committed to improving the logistics process for all our customers.

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Connect and develop with our ecommerce API tools to automate processes such as information synchronization, marketing campaign control, chat bots and many more.

More than 1.3 million requests

Charge per request, start with the free plan.

More than 40 ecommerce available

Free consulting

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Become an affiliate to increase the value proposition of your business and receive commissions for referring our solutions.

Networking Community

Consulting and support

Promotional events

Membership levels

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We offer you the best quality and professionalism in local and national delivery services for businesses.

Storage solutions

Preparation and packaging

Order processing and returns

Be part of our team

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Office exchange

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Successful careers

Education Certificates

Scholarships for prestigious institutions

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Health and future

Life insurance

Minor medical insurance

Major medical insurance

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Wellness and balance

Day off on birthday

Flexible schedule


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