We develop logistics and ecommerce solutions for businesses around the world.

Tendencys Innovations is a company born in 2016 with the idea of creating online stores and innovation tools that allowed users to optimize operations.

In 2017, Envia Paqueteria was born, which would later change its name to Envia.com, the largest logistics platform in Latin America.

Currently Tendencys Innovations has more than 120,000 customers in 12 countries.

We currently operate in 12 countries

Tendencys started operations in Mexico, with the dream of undertaking an innovative idea for the world of logistics. In 2019 we started creating new services aimed in optimizing our current solutions.

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Envia.com is a logistics software to create local, domestic and international shipments. Currently present in more than 12 countries including Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala , Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Spain, India and others.

Envia focuses in shipping and logistics for ecommerce. We currently have aliance with over 100 couriers worldwide, providing fast and reliable shipping solutions.

Envia App: All the envia.com services in our app available for IOS and Android.

Envia P.O. Box: Shop in USA, deliver in Mexico.

The marketplace that gives you a unique shopping experience.
Sell your products around the world.

Manage all your stores in one place.
Integrate your e-commerce with us.

The safest and easiest online payment processor

Get started with ecartpay to receive payments online.
Manage all operations safely.

Packaging and supplies for e-commerce.

We have everything you need to pack your products, from envelopes to personalized boxes. Give style to your packaging!

Quiken is a proudly Mexican company that provides logistics services. The best quality and professionalism in local and national delivery services for business.

Warehouse Management System
The cloud-based management system that streamlines warehouse operations and management.

Fulfillment by envia
We store, prepare and ship your products.

Application development for multiple stores

Connect your application with each e-commerce through an integration.

Transportation Management System
Do you have a transportation fleet? Manage it with our system, unify the logistics processes and manage your shipments.

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